gnuNify 2020 Hackathon provides you the platform to showcase your ideas and technical skills at a recognized level. This is the perfect opportunity to get those brilliant ideas out of your amazing minds and onto the computer screens. Coming again this year gnuNify brings you with more interesting and challenging problem statements. An opportunity that would open doors for you on a scale that you just can't miss! So bring your team and live the experience.

1: Network Security: Capture the Flag (CTF)
2: Data Science


Workshops at gnuNify provide participants with a unique learning experience with topics on the cutting edge of technical innovation today. This one-day seminar is focused on providing an opportunity for participants to learn first-hand from the field experts. Each workshop is a springboard to a deeper understanding of technology and with its applications and potentials for innovation. Each workshop's content is put together based on the emerging technologies that are in demand from AI, data sciences, cloud computing, mobile technologies, cross platform with flutter, Drupal, artificial neutral network and much more.

Tech Talks

Ever been in a situation when you have a great idea but you're stuck to make it through, or need a little guidance to be on the other side of the road? Learn from experts and push your boundaries to the next level with the tech talks given at gnuNify. Giving you a better understanding of different subjects like machine learning, deep learning, reactjs, web assembly and many more. Covering a range of topics and questionnaire at the end will give you the answers and leave you curious to know more.